Splinterlands Land Production Points

Our production point simulator can help you to find the best cards for your land based on land details, calculated production points and card market prices.

Card price is calculated on lowest BCX price * BCX needed for maxed leveled card. Important: Before buying a card, please check if the lowest BCX price is based on a maxed leveled card. 1,000 DEC for 1/5 of needed Power Core and 10,000 DEC for card staking are automatically included in the calculation. 1 DEC = 0.00076440 USD

Base production points

Production boosts

Land, title and totem costs

USD to be added for the calculation of one card on the plot. If you have 5 cards on the plot, we recommend 1/5 of the total plot costs.


Show soulbound cards (SPS soulbound cards governance proposal, 50% VOUCHER token payment is not used for calculation)

Hide wild format cards as maxed leveled cards are rare